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Yes! You can make a 6-7 figure income even if you don't have a career or other special skills. Lidia lost her job and went bankrupt. With our help, she went from bankrupt to making over $10K a month in less than 90 days. All the instructions of how we helped Lidia are in this program. Take this example and start making money immediately.

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Yes! Adrian was renting in someone else's basement and with our help he became a milionairie in three years. It doesn't matter what your circumstances are right now; by following the instructions we gave to Adrian, you can definitely do the same thing and start to accumulate wealth today.

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TOTAL VALUE: $997.00


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Frequently Asked Questions...

Do I get instant access to The Million Dollar Idea Machine?

Yes! You get instant online access as soon as you sign up. You'll also get an email with the link where you can access my workshop where I give you the exact instructions on how I help my clients make real money in a very short period of time. You can start to do the same thing and start making money and achieve your financial goals with ease...

Will this work for me?

Yes! This formula has worked for over hundreds of our clients from around the globe and every walk of life. If you follow the proven frameworks that I give to my clients, this will 100% work for you too.

Is there any 30 money back guarantee?

No. These proven framework, tools and strategies will be sent to you and stay with you forever. We cannot take it back. It's different from our online Start Poor Finish Rich Program where you become a member of our program.

What are my payment options?

Getting started is easier than ever with our convenient payment options! Simply choose from our secured payment of $37 using PayPal or Credit Card. There is virtually NO reason you cannot make this work for you!


“Before working with Christina, I was pretty down mentally, emotionally and financially, but I wanted to change my life. In a few weeks, after listening to SPFR something in my attitude changed… I started to see things differently. I feel like no one could stop me from living the life I want to live. I have the confidence to achieve anything I aim for in my life. Thank you Christina for having a huge impact in my life..” – Armand W. English Teacher, Toronto

I felt like I was drowning in debt with no way out and i was working in a toxic job that completely drained me. Since I started Start Poor Finish Rich, I started my own business and guess who just paid $90,000 in debt with less than a year? This gal! Thank you sooo much!” -Tammy Y. Vancouver, BC

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This product is not a get-rich-quick scheme or push-button software that makes cash fall from the sky, or makes you wake up tomorrow morning rich/living an amazing life. These are short-cuts to success, but you still need to put-in work, be disciplined and NOT give up until you reach your desired destination.The website’s content and the product for sale are based upon the author’s opinion and are provided solely on an “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis. You should do your own research and confirm the information with other sources when searching for information regarding health issues and always review the information carefully with your professional health care provider before using any of the protocols presented on this website and/or in the product sold here.

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Surprisingly, I did good in school and my English teacher encouraged me to study further. I decided to study Legal Executive although my legal profession didn’t help much. 

During those years, I was struggling to pay my bills – coming up short all the time. 

Never seemed to have enough money to live the life I wanted to live. 

I was having enough with not having money to pay for my living, my existence.

If you’ve ever felt like you were on a financial hamster wheel, and with no one to give you a hand, you know what I’m talking about.

Feeling like you can never get ahead. Always working and having no time to catch a breath. Always keep your head above water.

Although I was working so hard so I could have some money left, something always came up to keep me struggling. 

A car repair here… A birthday gift there… A dentist appointment…You know how it goes. 

Sacrificing every spare moment I had trying to build a better life for myself and my two daughters. 

I remember one time, my daughter’s birthday was coming up and she wanted a scooter for a gift.


And the bills won. 

That day, it felt like my parenthood was snatched away from me.

The pain of not being able to afford a birthday gift as a parent is so deep that you can never imagine or expect it to be so.

It makes you think what kind of parent can’t provide for his family?

I can tell you at that moment I felt so weak and vulnerable at the same time. And it was right then and there I vowed to get myself out of the crummy financial situation that I was in.

The only questions that came to my mind at that moment were “How can I manage my money better and how can I earn more?” I was good at not spending. I was watching every single penny, but the job I was doing didn’t bring much to manage or save. 

That day I decided to put $100 on the side every week and then I managed to live with the rest. Then I started to work more hours and put on the side $200 a week and little by little I started to have some savings.

And that was the time when I created my financial strategy called: “Live with less than you earn! Watch your spending. Earn more! Save more!” 

I started to share those principles with my classmates at university. They were always complaining about their financial struggle.

Those who followed my principles started to get better with their money and their struggle started to disappear. 

After I finished legal executive, I moved to Canada. In Canada, I worked as a paralegal in a law firm. Although my ego was telling me to become a lawyer, my passion continued to help others succeed. 

Many of the staff in the law firm I was working for(except the lawyers) were complaining about how they couldn’t afford to pay their bills!

I started to share my financial strategy with them so they could have a better life.

One of the duties I had as a paralegal was to do the time entry for the lawyer I was working for. His name was Rob. Rob was making $600 an hour whereas I was making $25 an hour and I was doing half of his job. 

That was the time when I said to myself: “Christina you’re working your butt off to make other people rich. What does Rob have more than you have?”

At lunch break Sarah, my coworker was complaining about how stressed she was with the job and that she didn’t get paid enough. 

Well, I said to Sarah, “ We are working to make them rich. It’s time to make ourselves rich by looking for other opportunities and working for ourselves!” 

In a few days, Sarah left the job and I was accused of motivating employees to find a better career and make themselves rich. That day I got fired and it was that day when I gave up my legal profession and pursued my coaching career. 

I decided to update my skills as a professional coach. My main focus and biggest curiosity was.

How have these multimillionaires accumulated so much wealth? Working hard? Or there is another secret behind it? 

After searching, reading, buying course after course I discovered that there is a secret behind every richness.

The secret that Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Rockefeller, and many other wealthy people have followed… They call it “The Science of Getting Rich!”

There’s a specific way to get to accumulate wealth.

Applied the right principles “to climb the steps for success!” And that’s all I did…And that’s all IT IS.

I TRAINED myself for success! I couldn’t live in poverty anymore…

And from that moment I have helped thousands of people around the planet to learn the SKILL of getting rich…

Hundreds of clients have used my powerful brain training and coaching program to overcome their fear and lack of skill obstacles to catapult their lives to the success they have dreamed of.

Today, my purpose is to take all my lessons. My research. My methods, techniques, and proven strategies, and show you exactly how you too, can have the life of your dreams…faster and easier than you ever thought possible. 

I hope I can be of service to you. 

With Love,